Return Policy

Return Policy

If you have a concern about a wine you purchased, call us at 888-538-5294 or send us a message from our Support page.

Wrong Product

If you receive a bottle of wine and it is not the product you ordered then we made a mistake and will gladly replace it with the correct bottle.  Contact us and we will get the correct wine to you as quickly as possible.

Corked or Spoiled Wine

We guarantee the wine for 12 months from purchase.  If you open a bottle of wine and find that it is corked or spoiled we will exchange it with the same product (when available) or store credit.  Please contact us immediately when this happens.  Replace the cork and do not drink any of the wine.

You will want to store your wine in a cool and dark environment, away from heat sources and light.  That wine rack on the floor next to the heater or in a place where it gets plenty of morning sunlight?  It’s gonna cook the wine.  Humidity is good — it keeps the cork moist and expanded.  Refrigerators dehumidify and dry the cork, allowing oxygen to enter the bottle.  That bottle of champagne that’s been in the fridge door for a year?  It may have lost its luster.  There’s plenty to read on this topic here and here.