NV Forest-Marié Brut Rosé, Trigny, Champagne

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95% pinot noir and pinot meunier, grown in the variegated and difficult soils of the Massif St-Thierry, the northernmost part of Champagne with the least reliable climate.  Although Forest-Marié does produce a fine blanc de blancs (which we are equally proud to offer), very little chardonnay is planted so far north; the area is much better known for its pinot-based wines, and this rosé is one of the finest.  Made in the more traditional vinous style; we feel like the absence of excess froth allows the red fruit character a deeper, sappier role as the wine unfolds, without any sacrifice of freshness and clarity.  Stunning value, too.

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We aren’t exactly old at Kickshaw, but the days when one could purchase superior-quality Champagne like Forest-Marié for under $60 seem so long ago that we’re beginning to wonder where all the good times went.  While we readily admit that our initial attraction to these wines was based solely on the value they offer, now that we have all gotten better acquainted we’ve come to appreciate them for what they really are: quietly stylish, refreshingly authentic, and every bit as deserving of their rightful spot amongst the “consequential” wines made by more Titanic contemporaries (if and as much as any grower/producer can shoulder such hyperbole).  We hope that drinking Forest-Marié will make you feel as un-old as we do when we drink it, but if you’re already un-old or otherwise not in need of further youth somehow, the worst thing that can happen when you open a bottle is that you’ll get to drink some absolutely stellar Champagne without having to refinance again.  Cheers.


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