2015 Meyer Family Dry Rosé of Syrah, Yorkville Highlands, CA


100% syrah from the Summerwind Vineyard in the Yorkville Highlands area of southern Mendocino County (straddling Highway 128, about 20 miles NE of the coast). If you drink California Pink, you may have noticed in your flagon some sneaky elegance of late, and Matt Meyer’s 2015 is but the latest elevated entry (and maybe the best). After the style of great Provençal rosé, but not of it; slinky blackthorn fruit, under just enough dusty syrah-musk to suggest homage from 5,735 miles away. Freaking delicious.

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Okay, full disclosure: the guy who sells these wines–we’ll call him Mr. Cul de Singe–is a dear friend of ours. Mr. de Singe has never hot-boxed us to buy the wines, mostly because he isn’t a hot-boxer but also because he knows that the Meyer Family wines, while well-crafted, are made in a style to which we don’t typically gravitate. In our line of work, this is a lesson we can’t learn often enough: just because you haven’t liked a wine in the past doesn’t mean you won’t like it in the future. So taste everything.

All of the syrah for Matt Meyer’s wines has come from the Yorkville Highlands area since 2006, and most of that from the meticulously planted and farmed Summerwind Vineyard. The vineyard’s high elevation (900-1000ft) and proximity to cooling Pacific breezes make it ideal for the production of aromatic syrah that retains natural acidity. Kickshaw is proud to feature 2015 Meyer Family Rosé, and even happier to drink it.



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